Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project 5 Pan! P5P

I have come to the realization that I buy way too much makeup and need to use up some of the things I have. Makeup is too expensive to go around buying a pink lipstick for $26.00 when you already have 5 more that look similar so when I saw that Amber from Lipgloss and Flipflops was doing a Project 5 Pan and wanted someone to do it along with her for support I jumped all over that.
The only product I am allowing myself to buy is MASCARA,That's IT!  I'm weird about mascara and I feel like if I have more than one at a time the one I'm not using will get old and give me an eye infection or something, I know I'm a weirdo but ya never know! 
Here are my P5P products:

MAC All that Glitters Shadow. My makeupgeek shimma shimma shadow is a great dupe for this and I actually like the shimma shimma better so I need to use this up so I have room in my small Zpallette for a new shadow.

This is a smashbox trio that Ive had forever and have already used up one of the colors. I need to use the rest so this little palette doesn't take up space in my makeup thingy.

Maybelline FIT foundation in 220. This foundation is collecting dust and I need to get rid of it. I'm going to force myself to use it up. I don't like it much. It leaves a nice dewy finish and its feels good on the skin but its not right for me. My face is to oily for this product and no matter how much powder I use I still look oily. It would be great for someone with dry skin.

Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral veil. Another thing taking up space. I like the translucent version better.

The body shop blush in #12(I think its 12,some of the label is coming off because its old) Its a pretty Peach blush but I want another one that's darker in color.

Both are old and the labels have worn off
(top) C.O Bigelow lipgloss in cinnamint
(bottom) Victorias Secret lipgloss in mochaboom 

MAC lipstick in vanitys child

That's my little list of products, hopefully I can use up 5 of them or maybe even all of them :)

Oh and to make it easier to grab for these products I took all of the lip products out of my purse except for the ones pictured so it forces me to use them and the rest of the products I put them in this cute little Owl bag and sat it right in front of the mirror I do my makeup at so its one of the first things I notice. Hopefully this helps! :) I will keep everyone updated on whats happening with my P5P. If anyone else would like to join that would be AWESOME! the more the merrier :)

If you want to see what products are in Amber's P5P you can watch her youtube video right HERE


  1. Good luck with this I wish I had the willpower to pull it off but I'm really bad at not buying things

  2. Thank you. :) Im going to have trouble with this because I love to buy stuff! :/

  3. Good Luck hun:) 
    Sara xx

  4. Yay I am excited your doing this with me :) I have been using the same shadows all week I was getting bored I switched up my eyemakeup today so I needed a nude lip I found another lipgloss thats almost gone so yay. This is forcing me to shop my stash I have so much stuff I had forgotten about!

  5. Ive worn those shadows for 2 days now and Im already bored. I busted out a colorful lipstick so I wouldnt look so blah with all the neutral colors going on. Im glad you found another product to use up. I need to keep digging through mine for more stuff. :)