Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My shimmer smokey eye.

How I do a simple smokey eye...
When it comes to eyeshadow looks, there are TONS of things to do, but the most popular is the smokey eye. Its fun,and sexy. It can also take forever to do, so this is my take on a subtle smokey eye.

                                                    Heres what ya need:

I used 4 brushes..Going from Left to right:
1~Pencil Brush
2~Shadow Brush can be fluffy like mine or flatter. Just something thatll pack the shadow onto the lid
3~Crease Brush
4~Larger shadow brush for highlight.

Liner and shadow

Highlight shadow. I used the champagne collored triangle


Line eyes with liner. It doesnt have to be perfect because it will be smudged later. 
Smuge liner using pencil brush. Make sure to leave the thickest part near the lashline and work up from there

Apply shadow to the lid only

Use crease brush to
bring the color up into crease and up towards brow bone. Make sure most of the color is on the lid and it gets lighter and lighter as you go up towards browbone.
Add highlight color to browbone and blend any harsh lines you may have, also apply highlight to the inner corner of eye and under the eye about half way.

Add liner to inner rim of waterline going halfway to the tear duct.

Take shadoe used on lid and go underneath the eye connecting the shadow from the lid to the highlight color underneath.

Finish off with mascara, blush and a nude lip. All done :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


  OK it has taken me awhile to jump on the Toms shoe train because the shoes looked to me like "old man shoes". They remind me of something my grandpa would wear around the house instead of slippers that I always thought were ugly.
  A few girls and one of the guys I work with talk about how comfortable they are and how Toms is a Charity organization so I decided to check out the website for the styles...If your not familiar with them here is a little info...

Toms is a company that started in 2006 after the owner took a trip to Argentina and saw that the children living there did not have shoes so, he decided to start a company that gave shoes to the children in need every time someone bought a pair of his shoes. Their companies One for One movement (Information from this paragraph  is from the Toms site, Click Toms to learn more and to purchase a pair.)

                                                        I bought these ones:      


The blue glitters! They have that "old man look" but with a fun twist, and when your walking around in the sun, they BLING. They are not for everyone because they are flashy but glitter is my favorite thing so I HAD to get them. I found a few more patterns that I might purchase also.

The fit of the shoes are slightly snug almost to the point that you feel like there a half size to small, I bought the size I always wear in shoes, but as you break them in they stretch and become very comfortable.I have worn these to walk around shopping, to work and to school and the only thing that I have issues with are the heels. No rubbing or anything like that but I feel like I need more cushion on the bottom heel part. I must walk funny but other than that they are fine. No blisters, broken skin or smashed toes. I'm quite pleased with them and I am also glad I could help a needy child. :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I went to a boutique store called franceca's collection a few days ago and I found 2 dresses and a belt  for next summer for under the price of one of the dresses. YAY ME!

Both dresses were each $44.00 origionally and the belt was $18.00...I got all three items for $32.67 SCORE!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This month has been a little crazy with school and my puppy but I was finally able to take some pictures and do a few post or two so here's what I liked in September:


NYX Nude on Nude pallet- This has been my go to pallet of the month, It has some wonderful browns and golds that I can play around with. One day I can do a real subdle look and the next a smokey sexy look. Great buy :)

BENEFIT Creaseless cream shadow/liner-color RSVP. I use this shimmery neutral color as a base for other shadows or I put it all over my lid with a little liner on lazy days

URBAN DECAY Shadow-color STRIP. I have used this one for years it seems to make my hazel eyes pop paired with lots of black eyeliner.
(left to right)
Urban Decay- strip
Benefit- rsvp

MAC BEAUTY POWDER BLUSH- color EVERSUN. This blush has been a few posts that I have done but, I just like it so much. Its a light golden bronze that goes on sheer and can be built up to the perfect shade.


(left to right)
PAUL MITCHELL Hot off the press spray- This is a thermal protector that I have used every time I curled my hair. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling soft and the curls stay for a long time!

AVEDA Clove shampoo- This is a shampoo made for brown hair. It enhances warm tones in the hair and has a wonderful earthy clove smell.

                                                      BODY YUMMIES

(Left to Right)

 ALBA BODY CREAM- Scent KAKUI NUT. Very moisturizing and the nutty smell reminds me of fall. It can be slightly greasy if used on hands but as an all over body cream its great

AVEDA OIL- BEAUTIFYING. This oil absorbs into the skin super fast, locks in moisture and has a slight lavender scent. I like to use this after I shave to keep the smoothness or Ill put a few drops into a bath for extra moisture. It also works great all over the body whether its alone or mixed with body cream or lotion.

AMAZING GRACE- I have no idea how to describe this scent other that its awesome and everyone should own it. It is just a great scent to throw on and run out the door. The smell lasts all day and it is not over powering.

ETNIES CALLI CUT-  They might have discontinued this style. I have had these shoes for years and never really wore them because they are wide and I feel like I look 5inches shorter when I have them on but, when I asked my boyfriend to grab some shoes for me as I was getting Lola ready for the dog park he busts out these. At first I was like really, but I put them on and I forgot how comfy these are and ever since that day I have been trying to find jeans that look right with them because they are that comfortable.


DONUT HOUSE COFFEE- This is a regular flavor that isn't to strong and goes well with all my different creamer choices I decide on.

                                                      HOME SMELLY

MARSHMALLOW FIRESIDE-  from Bath and Body Works smells like fire roasted marshmallows. Awesome fall scent and when its burning in the cute little owl candle holder its even better. :)

                                              LOLA'S FAVORITE

WOOF WOOF I'm Lola and I'm a spoiled puppy that has been loving this tire toy. I like to stick my arms through the tire hole so I can get a better grip while I chew on the green ropes. WOOF WOOF