Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My shimmer smokey eye.

How I do a simple smokey eye...
When it comes to eyeshadow looks, there are TONS of things to do, but the most popular is the smokey eye. Its fun,and sexy. It can also take forever to do, so this is my take on a subtle smokey eye.

                                                    Heres what ya need:

I used 4 brushes..Going from Left to right:
1~Pencil Brush
2~Shadow Brush can be fluffy like mine or flatter. Just something thatll pack the shadow onto the lid
3~Crease Brush
4~Larger shadow brush for highlight.

Liner and shadow

Highlight shadow. I used the champagne collored triangle


Line eyes with liner. It doesnt have to be perfect because it will be smudged later. 
Smuge liner using pencil brush. Make sure to leave the thickest part near the lashline and work up from there

Apply shadow to the lid only

Use crease brush to
bring the color up into crease and up towards brow bone. Make sure most of the color is on the lid and it gets lighter and lighter as you go up towards browbone.
Add highlight color to browbone and blend any harsh lines you may have, also apply highlight to the inner corner of eye and under the eye about half way.

Add liner to inner rim of waterline going halfway to the tear duct.

Take shadoe used on lid and go underneath the eye connecting the shadow from the lid to the highlight color underneath.

Finish off with mascara, blush and a nude lip. All done :)

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