Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nykki's mane blog Qwed- Eyes!

                                    Question Wednesday


My third question Wednesday from Nykki @Nykki's Mane Blog. Don't forget to check her blog out and join in on this great weekly blog hop! Each Wednesday is a different topic. :)

1. What color are your eyes? If you could choose what color they were what color would that be?
My eyes are a mix of brown/green/grey. They change colors on my mood. If i could choose another color I would want to have the color of my moms. She had the most beautiful green eyes.
2. Bold Eyeliner, Light Eyeliner, or no eyeliner?
Bold for going out at night, light for daytime to add some depth and no liner for days I want a minimal makeup look.

3. What is your go to eye look?
I usually stick to taupe and browns for everyday sometimes a little purple. Doing the basic light shade on the lid, darker one in the crease and a highlight. I tend to do a little more highlight in the inner corners because I have really dark circles around that area and I need something to brighten it up though.

4. What brand makes your favorite eyeshadows?
Urban Decay has great shadows and the makeup geek ones are great also :)

5. What are your must have eye products?

Mac painterly paint pot or Too faced shadow insurance, mascara, my z-palette full of my favorite shadows of the moment
                          Until next week, bye bye

Lavender Dress

Outfit post from a few weeks ago.

I have been really into clothes that are versatile and that you can just throw on and not have to worry about, another reason why I love wearing dresses so much. You don't have to think about what goes with this top or with this pair of pants, yadda, yadda,yadda, Its already an outfit! Ive noticed that Target has some great dresses and with me being in a pastel faze I picked this lavender one up for $18 USD. oh, and right now they have them on sale for $15USD. There are 12 colors to choose from,if your local target has all of them, if not all colors are online. 

This is a simple little dress that can be great over a bathing suit or you can dress it up and wear it out to dinner.

I wore mine out shopping with a friend that came to visit me from Ohio. I didn't wear anything special with it because I knew I would be taking it on and off while trying on clothes.

The silver bracelet in the top left part of the photo was a gift from my sister in law when I was in her wedding and the beaded bracelets I made with Swarovski Crystals. :) The shoes are pastel pink with butterflies in the middle. Ive had them forever and do not remember the price but know they are from Burlington Coat Factory.

close up of the butterfly on my shoe.

Beach photo from the condo. Was not a sunny day on the beach day, hence the reason for going shopping. :)



Monday, April 23, 2012

Befine food skin care, Gentle Cleanser

 I have been loving all of the products in my April birchbox  and one of the samples in that box was 2 packets of  Befine food skin care gentle cleanser. With my birchbox points I was able to get the full size for free!!!
                                                  Stated on Befine site:
"Benefits: Gently cleanses while invigorating skin and improving circulation.Prevents premature aging as it supports skins collagen and elastin Smooths wrinkles and tightens skin Helps retain moisture leaving skin renewed and refreshed."

When I first opened the packet, I squirted it onto my hand thinking it was more of a cream or gel consistency, well its not, its watery and I ended up squirting half the packet into my hand making it drip down the side of my hand and all over the sink. Wonderful! :/ When I got myself situated and had just a little bit of the product on my hands I began to rub it all over my damp face. The product lathers up great and has a natural mint smell. After rubbing it around my face for about 30seconds or so I rinsed it off and pat dried my face. When I looked in the mirror every ounce of makeup that was on my face before was gone, and my skin felt fresh and clean.
I was really pleased with how well this cleanser worked. I did not have any allergic reactions to it or any over drying or tightening feeling (I hate ones that make your face tight, so I was a bit bumed when it said that it tightens the skin).

Ingredient List
They also do not test on animals and the gentle cleanser is good for all skin types

Befine product extracts come from plants and minerals so there are no fillers, artificial colors or fragrances. They are also paraben free.

Full size bottle $24USD


Friday, April 20, 2012

One product down!!!

This Project 5 Pan thing is not easy to do!! Skipping the beauty isles when I go to a department or drug store makes me feel uneven. I mean the last thing I need is more makeup but I still cannot  wait until this is over, it will be soon because I FINISHED MY FIRST P5P PRODUCT!!!!
I used every ounce of product out of the jar!

Bye Bye Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral Veil.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

BlogLove Therapy

                            I joined a new blog hop the other day!! Yay!
Click the picture to join in too!!!

Versatile Blogger Award!

                                       Wow, 2 awards within a week, You guys are the best!!!
 I want to thank Rachel @ Rachels Beauty Blog AND Heather @ Heather Honey for awarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award, Thank you so much ladies!!!! :D

                                                                    Here are the rules:
                                           1) Thank the person that nominated you with a link back!
                                           2) Tell 7 Things about you!
                                           3) Pass this on to 10 blogs and let them know they received the award
                                               My 7 Things About Me..
  1. I am obsessed with Dill Pickles! I buy them in gallon jars and eat all of them within a week.
  2. I HATE buying socks.
  3. I am accident prone. I run into and drop everything!!
  4.  The smell of my dogs frito feet makes me gag.
  5. Coffee and tea are my main source of beverages
  6. I buy clothes,shove them in my closet and forget about them so, I have a lot of things with tags on it. :/
  7. I love laying on the beach,but I hate the process of going to it and coming home from it.
It was really hard to tag 10 blogs so I decided to  break rule 3 and tag everyone!!! I think all of you deserve this award and I would love to get to know all of you a little better so I hope that you will do this award post too!!!

                                                               Hugs and kisses ,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nykki's mane blog question Wednesday

I found this question Wednesday to be fun so I hopped onto the blog bouncing train and answered me some questions :)
1. Vegetables or Fruit?

Thats a hard one because I LOVE both!! Im actually sitting here right now drinking bottled water with cucumbers in it. I cant pick one!! I eat both at the same time. My boyfriend calls me a rabbit :)
2. Salt or Sugar?

Sugar. I never put salt on anything. Most food now a day has a ton of salt in it already so I never care to use it. Sugar on the other hand...mmm I love me some sweet tea and ice cream.
3. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner food?

Breakfast food for sure! I could eat eggs and sausage links for dinner any day of the week  
4. If you HAD to choose only one food item to eat for the rest of your life what would it be?

I eat A LOT of dill pickles so I guess I would say that.
5. What is one food that you HATE that most people like?

I can say that I do not like steak very much. I know, your probably thinking "What a weirdo!?" But I don't know, I just don't like it.
Visit Nykki's blog right HERE do join in on her Question Wednesday blog hop posts.

                                                               Ta Ta for now

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birchbox April 2012

April's Birchbox contents are all natural based products. My box is a little different from what Ive been seeing, a lot of people received laundry detergent samples, that I did not get instead, I got a fun all in one product and tea..

 Be fine skincare sampler: 2 large packets of the gentle cleanser and 3 large packets of the Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. Both contain rice protein to boost moisturizing benefits.
Full size bottles are $24USD each

                                             (left to right)
Atelier Cologne- Full size $55-$150 USD. This stuff has a scent of Blood Orange, Jasmine and Sandlewood. I can actually smell all 3 notes of this perfume,weird! It is a strong scent so it isn't for everyone. I cant figure out if I like it or not :/

Olle Biologique,004 Huile Moderne- An all over body and hair oil with a blend of 5 organic essential oils. Aragon, Rosehip and Bergamot,Neroli and Frankincense oils. It comes in a spray bottle and I spritzed it on my arm and rubbed it in, it absorbed super fast and does not feel oily or greasy. I'm not fond of the smell though. I also feel its a little thick to be spraying in my hair but ill try it one day when I'm not doing anything just in case it makes it nasty.

                                                  (left to right)
                         Le Palais des Thes- 2 bags of French made tea.
The du Hammam is a green tea mixed with green date pulp, orange blossom, rose and berries. (seems interesting)
The des Alizes is another green tea mixed with white peach,kiwi and watermelon and enlivened by flower petals. (whatever that means? peach,kiwi and watermelon sound yummy though.)

 Revolution Organics, Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in Blushed- When I read Beauty Balm I was thinking "yes, another BB cream to try!" Well its not a BB cream, Its pink...so I read a little further down the packaging and it is actually an all over color with a creamy balmy consistency. It is made with 85% organic ingredients. It has no parabens or mineral oils and it is not tested on animals.
I tried it out on my cheeks and lips. It is a super pigmented fuchsia pink shade and makes a wonderful lip tint. It might be a little too thick and creamy for me to use as a blush since my skin is on the oily side. Would be great for dry skin gals because it does have great moisturizing properties  and  it gives a healthy looking glow.
Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in Blushed swatched and blended onto my arm. I also noticed that tapping this product onto the skin works better than rubbing it in. The color stays put while tapping and almost disappears while rubbing it in.  


Monday, April 16, 2012

Wall paint ideas!

Ok This isn't one of my normal beauty related posts its more of a  home interior idea that I have been thinking about and wanted to get any input about it that I could.
 I am in the process of decorating the living room and I'm stuck on the idea of using a stencil or tape to make a design on the wall.  But a few questions popped into my head,Should I do it? Is it easy to achieve or very time consuming? Is it still cool to paint stripes on your wall?  If so,what kind of stripe design? What else could I do? Would wallpaper be easier? I have no idea! So what did I do...I googled it, and found a few really cute ideas.  Here are a few designs that I like, oh and I'm wanting to paint the walls grey.




This is my Favorite one.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Get that hair out your face!!

The summer is coming so that means nasty hot and humid weather here in the south, not a good thing for naturally curly/wavy haired gals. So, on days that your hair is a total fro you can do this cute bohemian hairstyle. It is super easy and quick!! This is not a really  step by step photo tutorial, its photos of the finished style but I did however, type up the steps on how to do this.

What you will need:
Hair elastics ( I used small clear and black ones)
Bobby Pins or U Pins if you like

 1. Take about a 2 inch section of hair on either side of your part, french braid to about where your eyebrows end and then regular braid the rest of the way down and tie it off with an elastic.

2. Leave the two braids out and gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail. Tie off with an elastic.

3. Wrap ponytail around elastic and secure it with another small elastic and bobby pins.You can use U pins for this instead of bobby pins but I did not have any U pins at the time.

4. Take braid on left side and wrap it around bun starting on top and around the bottom,secure with bobby pins

5. Take braid on right side and wrap it around the bun starting on the bottom of the bun and wrapping to the top, secure with bobby pins. Spray with hairspray ( I used Aveda control force for this) and your done :)

Hopefully those steps were easy enough to follow. Let me know if you try out this hairstyle, send me the link or a photo in the comments below. Have a great day!!! :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nykki's mane blog Question Wednesday

I decided to do the nail polish addiction question Wednesday post from Nykki's mane blog. Every Wednesday she has a new set of questions on topics like todays, nail polish or the one she had last week was a favorites set of questions. At the end of her post she has a linky button for everyone that chooses to participate can link up and read about what other bloggers answers to the questions were. Another great way to blog hop :)  Here are my answers:

1. Favorite everyday nail polish color:

I love pastels right now! Preferably pastels in the blue or green range. I have also been loving this blue glitter I bought like a week in a half ago by Venique, polish name,Hurray Huarache. Its great!!! This is 2 coats of only this polish. No blue base!
2. Favorite nail polish trend(s):

Obviously glitter and pastel. I am also digging ombre and stripes.
3. Acrylics or natural?

Natural. I'm not a fan of fake nails they RUIN your real nail and sometimes they damage it so bad that you have ridges in your nails that you cant get rid of.  
4. Favorite Nail Polish Brand:

Well, I don't really have a favorite brand because I usually just buy the colors I like and there all different brands, but I will say that I have more Essie polishes than other brands.
5. How often do you change your nail polish?

Every few days. Due to my job, my hands are always in water so polish only last about 2 or 3 days max. I also get bored of the same color for longer than that time. Ive had gel polish a few times, Its awesome, but since it last 2 weeks without chipping I get tired of the color!
                                                             THE END!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Blogger Appreciation Award

I was  tagged with the Blogger Appreciation award by the lovely Frances from Spot of Tea (such a cute name for a blog, don'cha think?) I love these little tags, its a great way to almost blog hop  because there are usually tags to other blogs that you might not have known about before! Anyway,  Frances' blog is super cute with fashion and makeup hauls, reviews, Question and answer posts and all sorts of other things! I would definitely check her out :)

Rules of the award:
                      1. Thank the person who gave you this award by linking them in your post.
                      2. Answer the following 4 questions
                      3. Award the blogger appreciation award to new followers/ fellow bloggies as you like.
                      4. Let the blogger know you have awarded them


1. How long have you been blogging?
                          Not quite a year yet, but in January is when I started a regular blog writing routine.

2. What are the 1-2 reasons why you started blogging?
1. Because I thought it was a great way to let myself express how I felt about things in the beauty and fashion community and also to get inspired by other bloggers.
2. As my ME time.

3. What types of blogs do you like to follow/ read?
I like to follow beauty and fashion blogs, DIY and craft blogs and interior design blogs. All of them are inspiration for me in different ways.

4. What is the one thing that you would like to improve on as a blogger/ on your blog?
How to network the right way. I also would like to change how I take photos. I need a better camera.

It was hard to choose what blogs to tag so, I decided to tag a few that I recently started to follow. Check these lovely ladies out :)

Catfights & Broken Heels
Miranda's Makeup & More
Mom's Makeup Stash
Heather Honey

Thank you so much Frances for the award!!! :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pastel nails

I decided to be festive and do some Easter egg colored nails for the holiday. I was going to actually make them look like eggs but I kinda ran out of time before I had to leave so, I left them as solid colors. As I was rummaging through my polish stash I realized 2 things...
1. That my pastel collection is all Essie and
2. That I do not have any pink pastel polishes.
Looks like I'm going to be purchasing some pink ones soon :)

(from pinky to thumb)
Turquoise & Cacos, A crewed interest, nice is nice, borrowed and blue, sand tropez

                                           Unrelated to nails but...

I found this great egg decorating idea from Disney Family Fun that I think I might try next year (if I remember). Heres a picture from their site:
 Look how cute these eggs are!!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012


The boyfriend and I had plans to attend the circus last night but once we got there we changed our minds about it and left. It looked very small and janky and it cost 20 bucks to get in so we were like "Naaa, lets save our money for something else". So we went out to eat and went home. FAIL!! But, before we left I decided to take some ghetto mirror pictures of my outfit I had on.

I have had these shoes for about 7 years now...they are falling apart horribly and I need to throw them out. I super glued them back together about 10 minutes before I took this photo. Pretty sad huh? There comfortable, what can I say?

The butterfly bracelet in the middle my friend made me. :D

Side braid today to get my hair out of my face!

Shirt- Gift for Christmas 2 yrs ago
Jeggings- Marshalls for $7USD
Shoes- don't remember where there from :/

Sorry no links to to similar styles. My outfit is all stuff Ive had for years but keep wearing.

Hope everyone has a great night! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project 5 Pan! P5P

I have come to the realization that I buy way too much makeup and need to use up some of the things I have. Makeup is too expensive to go around buying a pink lipstick for $26.00 when you already have 5 more that look similar so when I saw that Amber from Lipgloss and Flipflops was doing a Project 5 Pan and wanted someone to do it along with her for support I jumped all over that.
The only product I am allowing myself to buy is MASCARA,That's IT!  I'm weird about mascara and I feel like if I have more than one at a time the one I'm not using will get old and give me an eye infection or something, I know I'm a weirdo but ya never know! 
Here are my P5P products:

MAC All that Glitters Shadow. My makeupgeek shimma shimma shadow is a great dupe for this and I actually like the shimma shimma better so I need to use this up so I have room in my small Zpallette for a new shadow.

This is a smashbox trio that Ive had forever and have already used up one of the colors. I need to use the rest so this little palette doesn't take up space in my makeup thingy.

Maybelline FIT foundation in 220. This foundation is collecting dust and I need to get rid of it. I'm going to force myself to use it up. I don't like it much. It leaves a nice dewy finish and its feels good on the skin but its not right for me. My face is to oily for this product and no matter how much powder I use I still look oily. It would be great for someone with dry skin.

Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral veil. Another thing taking up space. I like the translucent version better.

The body shop blush in #12(I think its 12,some of the label is coming off because its old) Its a pretty Peach blush but I want another one that's darker in color.

Both are old and the labels have worn off
(top) C.O Bigelow lipgloss in cinnamint
(bottom) Victorias Secret lipgloss in mochaboom 

MAC lipstick in vanitys child

That's my little list of products, hopefully I can use up 5 of them or maybe even all of them :)

Oh and to make it easier to grab for these products I took all of the lip products out of my purse except for the ones pictured so it forces me to use them and the rest of the products I put them in this cute little Owl bag and sat it right in front of the mirror I do my makeup at so its one of the first things I notice. Hopefully this helps! :) I will keep everyone updated on whats happening with my P5P. If anyone else would like to join that would be AWESOME! the more the merrier :)

If you want to see what products are in Amber's P5P you can watch her youtube video right HERE