Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shoedazzle collection. YAY SHOES :)

I have been a member of Shoedazzle for a few years now and I wanted to show you guys the things I have purchased from them. If your not familiar with Shoedazzle it is alot like Jewlmint or Just Fab or any of those type of sites only I think its been around a little longer than those two I just mentioned. You take a style quiz and from that quiz shoedazzle stylist pick a showroom of shoes for you to pick from each month, also within your showroom there are Bags and Jewelry to pick from. Each thing you purchase is $39.95 with FREE shipping  FREE returns and no monthly fee ($9.00shipping/returns and no monthly fee if in Canada, Alaska or Hawaii).
 The items you pick come neatly wrapped and stuffed with tissue paper to keep the shape of the item and to protect from damage in shipping, each thing comes with its own cute little pink dustbag and the shoes are in pink boxes that pull out of instead of a regular box top.
Here is a screen shot of the shoe portion of my showroom this month...

I have 2 bags to show you then onto the shoes...oh and the style name of the bag or shoe will be on the top left of the first photo (except for the first bag I'm showing, I couldn't figure out what it was)
And just to let you know, this blog post might be a little long :/

This is a travel set, so both together was $39.95. A carry on bag that Ive used alot when I fly back home and a travel makeup case.

There are 2 zipper compartments to this case.
Inside of the bottom part of the case has a small button pocket in the back to store jewelry and cords on the sides to store small bottles

The top has a mirror and more cords to hold things. I usually put my hair clips and headbands in this top section.

I just got this bag in the mail a few days ago and I love it. Its huge and has lots of places for all my crap :)
Not to mention the gold stud detailing all around the straps of this bag are to cute and also the snake print design with the brown and camel color is really nice to!

Inside of the Lapeer bag

The back of the Lapeer bag

 Its dust bag


I do have one more pair of shoes that went MIA, they were in the style Gypsy and are really cute blue studded heels. To see these shoes click HERE

These boots are so cute. Ive had them for quite sometime now and every time I wear them someone asks where they are from. They are faux leather and I'm thinking around a 3 inch heel with a 1/2 in platform but I'm not certain as I do not have the papers on the sizes of the heel anymore.

These heels are so fun. I love the sparkle detail on the heel. I will say one thing, the toes in most of these shoes are a bit snug, I really need to stretch them out. These nude faux patent leather pumps have a 4in heel and about an 1.5in platform with leopard print insoles.
Mel B glitter heel :) 

The Kelis shoe is  faux patent leather pump with a platform and a cute tear drop cutout in the toe. The color is a bit odd and a little hard to photograph,but I like it nonetheless. When I ordered them online the color stated was pink and the shoe on the site was not pink, it was a very light lavender nude color, which is the color the shoes shipped to me were. I'm glad they are that color, I ordered them in hopes of it being that odd nude/lavender shade.  The heel height of this shoe is 3.5in and has a1in platform. If you cant tell by the last pair, I like high shoes :) 

The Kadian shoe reminds me of a sexy cross between a saddle shoe (because of the colors) and an open toe Mary Jane,anyone else agree? I haven't got a chance to wear these yet but hopefully its soon because they are way to cute to sit in a box. :) These shoes are made of faux patent leather have a 4in heel and a 1.25in platform

The Louvette flats are my most recent shoedazzle purchase and I'm in LOVE with them! I think the are so cool. They are made of clear plastic with the top band, toe and heel of the shoe made in pewter colored faux leather. What makes these sweet are the spikes on the toes and heels. There real spikes too so watch out! :) I haven't wore these yet but I'm dying to!!!

So there is my little shoedazzle collection. :D




DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post, I purchased all of the products with my own money. All opinions are my own.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sally Girl eyeshadows review and swatches

I recently picked up a few of the Sally girl eyeshadows from Sallys Beauty supply and I want to share them with you guys.
Champagne,Chocolate,Sky,Blue Marine

Each little .04oz shadow is sold individually and can be turned into a personalized palette by connecting the shadows together on the sides. These are a great way to play with color and not break the bank because they only cost 99cents a piece (94 cents if you have a Sally's Beauty Supply card)!!! There is an array of colors to choose from, so of course it took me forever to pick the ones I liked the most.The finishes of these are more of a satin or shimmer and I did notice a few matte ones but didn't purchase any as I wasn't digging the colors of them at that moment. I picked up 4 shades...
Champagne, Chocolate
Sky, Blue Marine


Champagne, Chocolate, Sky, Blue Marine

Champagne, Chocolate, Sky,Blue Marine

I am really happy with these shadows. They feel very silky when I swatched them, not chalky in the least bit and they seem to go on easy with my makeup brushes.I have used all 4 of them for eye looks in the past few days and they all have really great pigmentation and with a base, last all day and have not creased. I did notice once I put my brush into the color sky that there was a little bit of dust action but it still applied to my lids wonderfully. Champagne is a great all around highlight color and chocolate I am loving to warm up any dark smokey eye looks I have done lately. Blue Marine I feel is a unique color, it has little flecks of gold in it (something I haven't seen to much with blue shadows). All around I am really happy with these colors Ive picked out. I'm definitely going to be buying more:)

I purchased 2 more shadows...

The photos below are two Sally girl Baked Eyeshadows. These are more of a mineralized shadow. These are also 99 cents?( 94 cents with Sally's card). These shadows are in tiny packages but have .05oz of product in the pan. I think the ball form hides the amount of product since these are bigger than the regular sally girl shadows by a teeny bit.
These don't have names anywhere on them...odd. :/ So I'll call them dark purple and olive gold.:)

Dark Purple
Olive Gold

These shadows are a little harder to work with. You really need to rub on the product to get a good swatch. I have not used the dark purple shade yet so I cannot tell you how that one is when applied to the eyes but the olive gold one is very pretty on. It is a little bit of a pain since you have to rub the brush into it a bunch of times so there will be enough of it to go onto your eye. If used with Fix + or any mixing medium this olive gold shade turns into a vibrant metallic eye that I like quite a bit. I have been using this one alot. All in all the mineralized shadows are ok, If worn wet they last all day and give that metallic finish, if worn normal they arent anything special. I will probably buy 1 or 2 more because they are so cheap. I also noticed they had tiny little blushes and bronzers that I might pick up when I buy more eyeshadows. :)



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Whats in my Beach Bag?

There is nothing more relaxing than laying on the beach hearing the sound of the waves crashing, so yesterday I decided I needed a little sun and relaxation from my horrible day the day before, that I packed up my bag and headed for the ocean.
As I was laying there I Instagramed and tweeted this picture.
It was such a nice day for the beach, not to hot, less humidity than normal and it was slightly overcast so the sun wasn't beating down on me causing a sweat attack.

I always wonder what other people carry with them to the beach. Looking around at the people near me I notice most people have a car load of stuff with them or they have nothing but a towel, chair and some sunscreen. I'm somewhere in the middle, I take enough things to get me buy that I can carry in one trip. I'm not running back and forth to the car to get 5 umbrellas I have to shove into the ground. So here's what I brought with me yesterday... now mind you I went by myself this time but if I go with a group I usually bring a cooler of "drinks". I also brought the obvious things that I did not take photos of like my towels and beach chair.

This is my bag
Its not your normal Beach bag. This is a Lily Bloom tote that Ive used in the past as a purse but because it is made from recycled plastic bottles I thought it had enough water resistance to it and its big so it does the job, not to mention it has cute little owls or what me and Derek call them, hoot hoots on it. haha :)

Inside the bag I have 4 mini bags, 2 of which I have pictures of the contents 2 of which I don't.
The darker blue bag next to the water bottle has my car keys and phone(that's boring so no photos of that) and the small bag next to the purple bag has a protein bar and some jolly ranchers in it(yet again boring)
I also have a bottle of Australian Gold SPF 15 Spray Gel Bronzer, The Wet Brush (which is the BEST at getting tangles out of wet or dry hair, I HIGHLY recommend this),a bottle of water, and a book to read.

The little purple bag contains:
(top to bottom, left to right)
Supergoop SPF30+ face and body lotion. This is a sample from my June birchbox and I'm liking this alot. I use it on my face.
Wet ones Antibacterial wipes- to get any sticky stuff off you
Ocean Potion moisturizing lip potion SPF45- Who wants sun burnt lips? I don't! this stuff is waxy but I feel like it protects my lips well.
Banana Boat Natural Reflect Baby SPF 50+- I accidentally grabbed this one by mistake, I wanted the regular one but I like this one. It didnt irritate my skin or leave that greasy feeling when applied. I'm glad I grabbed this on accident :)
Aveda sun care Protective Hair Veil- This spray has UVA/UVB filters to protect hair from sun damage. I always use this when I go to the beach or pool.

 This next one is my makeup bag, its last months My glam bag, I might as well get some use out of it before it falls apart. I honestly didn't use any of the makeup I brought, I just have it handy in case I go somewhere after the beach and cant go home to get ready.
(left to right top to bottom)
Real Techniques Blush Brush
Mini Urban Decay Lip Gloss in color Wallflower
Mini Clinique true bronze pressed powder bronzer in color Sunkissed
Sample size MAC Zoom Lash Mascara
Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake(my go to, no brainer lip color)
Tarte Lipsurgence naturl lip tint in peaceful
Aveda dual powder foundation in color twig
Bath&Body Works spray scent in Secret Wonderland

 This is pretty much what I did all morning yesterday, drank my coffee and read a few chapters of delirium in between watching people walk by and staring at the ocean. It was a good day :)



Friday, June 15, 2012

June Myglam

I received my June Myglam bag about a week ago and I'm just now getting around to posting about it.
This months bags theme was called Out All Night.
When I opened up the pink bubble package I got a huge whiff of fish smell and it made me jump back a little bit...Wasn't expecting that. As I opened the gold glittery bag the smell only intensified so I took the products out and layed the bag open for a few days to "air out". Needless to say that didn't work and the bag still smells. Too bad because it is a really cute bag. I have realized that mine wasn't the only one that smelled via twitter so I don't feel as bad now.

As I looked at the card that tells you what products are in the bag I realized my bag was missing a product...The NYX round lipstick. I emailed them and they responded back within the next day and told me they were sorry and was going to send out a new lipstick to me. I received a tracking number and it is on its way to me right now :)

Products in my bag:
(Full Size) Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen in color black. Retails $19USD
Philosophy Take  a deep breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer. A 2oz Jar Retails $34USD
Living Proof- frizz nourishing styling cream. A 4oz bottle Retails $26 USD

Marbella permanent eyeliner pen
I have tried this liner and I do like it but I feel like the pigmentation could have been a little better. It does stay on and doesn't smudge. It dries fast and when you take it off, leave your makeup remover sitting on it for a few seconds before rubbing it off otherwise you will be rubbing forever!

Philosophy Take a deep breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer
This moisturizer is really nice, its not to thick or thin and I love the gel cream formula. It seems to moisturize the areas that need it  and avoids over moisturizing areas that do not need it as much. I'm considering on purchasing a full size of this for the summer :)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finally done!!! P5P

I'm finally finished with all the products needed to complete project 5 pan. That was not very easy. I'll have a follow up post about it once I get into the swing of things again, until then this is my final product I used up:

Friday, June 8, 2012

Face Paint Friday.

I posted this picture a week ago on my facebook, but never blogged about it. I'm really going to try and do a face look every Friday. This Face Paint Friday is a neutral eye look with a pop of color on the lower lashline.

Ive been so pre-occupied with bank nonsense for this house that I'm trying to buy that blogging has been a little scarce. I just got the OK for the house today so, all I have to do now is the closing and hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. Enough of that (I might do a house post on my other blog...that I forgot about) lets get into my Face Paint Friday shall we.

I love wearing colored liner on my bottom lashline,especially on days that I'm crunched for time but want something different, its also a great way to introduce color to someone that usually does more neutral looks and wants to branch out a bit.

Products Used:
Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream in light
Aveda Dual Foundation in honey
Maybelline Dark circle eraser in light and brightener
Urban Decay blush in color score
Crown brush 78 palette, using the peachy/orange colors on lids

MakeupGeek shadow in Shimma Shimma as highlight
Bare Minerals Big & Bright eyeliner in color Granite on top lashline
Stila waterproof eyeliner in peacock on waterline
Crown brush 78 palette aqua blue on lower lashline
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Black
C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine in Cinnamint