Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter Review!

I have the worst dark circles under my eyes. Sometimes they are blue and sometimes they are pink, so when I went to the MAC counter to find another concealer, I had no idea what I was looking for. The girl at the counter was really nice and let me play with some stuff. She walks up to me with this pen looking thing and says "try this" so duh of course I was gonna try it! I put some on and TADA they were gone! PURCHASE!! This little clicky product does a FREAKING AWESOME job at hiding the little pests!
This product retails for $23 dollars. Much cheaper than the YSL one that retails for $40

It is super easy to use, just twist the bottom itll make a click noise and the product comes up into the little brush. There are no chunks of glitter like how most highlighters are, This one is like a thin concealer that leaves a subtle sheen when blended into the skin. It is very natural looking and just running the pen under my eyes feels nice.

Color is lightboost. It is actually really light but it helps to cover up those funny colors under my eyes.

Here it is from the pen blended in on the right. It leaves no glitter just a nice brightness
to my hand.

 See no more  pink/purple/blue weirdness under my eyes. :) YAY!!!

Not many people show off a bare face but I figured this would show how well that pen works. My eyes always look like I got punched in them. Now, can you see why Im always on the search for a new concelear?! Plus I think I have allergies and that does not help either.  

Click HERE to purchase one :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

July 2011 Birchbox! Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley is a well known designer and has collaborated with Birchbox this month to show off some of her favorite products!

Whats in the box:

AHAVA- mineral hand creme. This creme smells better than the last one I received and it is super moisturizing

REDKEN- Shine flash glistening mist. Spray a little bit into your hand and run it through your hair or spray onto your hair for extra shine. It made my hair shiny without being greasy :)

KIND- fruit and nut bar with almond and apricots. This is one of Cynthia's favorite snacks. its all natural and does not have any gluten, wheat, GMOs, Dairy, sulphur dioxide or trans fats in it. I haven't opened it yet. It looks yummy though.

In the little wrapped package with the black string on it contains:
Philosophy- Purity one-step facial cleanser. I have used this cleanser in the past and have forgotten about how great it is. This cleanser takes all of your makeup off and makes your face feel so smooth. I am glad I re-discovered this product!

Zoya- Touch collection in the color Shay. This is a nude color that has a hint of metallic in it. very pretty for those days I do not want bright nail colors.

                                        MY FAVORITE FROM LAST MONTHS BOX!!
                        Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten in the color Como/Portofino
I have been using this blush and highlighter combo everyday since I got it. Its great. the blush is a pink/ bronze/ nude that can be layered for more color variations, the small highlighter triangle is perfect to use on the tops of the cheekbones and inner corners of the eyes and browbone highlights, all of which I use it for.  Awesome product!! It is on the shimmery side so I tend to use it with a matte bronzer/blush so its not shimmer everywhere.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


These shoes are way too cute. I found them a little while ago. Guess how much they were?....$30...$40......how about $18 freaking 99! Yeah  $18.99 ,you read it correct! They are Dollhouse brand and I bought them from Ross. That place is great Its just like TJ Maxx. High end things for cheap. yay!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nails Of The Day

Green/Blue color is Essie-Turquoise & Caicos

For the ring finger "Marble" look I used Essie- Sand Tropez as a base, then dropped alternating drops of Sand Tropez, Essie- Braziliant  , and one drop of OPI- Green-Wich Village  into a cup, I then took a kabob stick and moved the color around to form a pattern, stuck my finger in it a TA DA! I'm sure there a ton of video tutorials on how to do this out there. Once I can do it well enough Ill post a picture tutorial.
I have no idea why the marble nail has a yellow cast in the picture because in real life there is a touch of the green. This was my first time attempting the marbleized look and it came out cute! If you like the polish colors click on there names and the link will take you to the sites. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

e.l.f blush and tinted moisturizer review

Tinted moisturizer in color beige and blended into my skin on the right side

                                                            Blush in pink passion
Looks chalky on my hand :/

Wears wonderfully on my skin :)

I decided to try 2 of the e.l.f.'s studio line products. They are so cheap at only 3 bucks so I figured if it sucked it wouldn't be that big of a deal. My first impression was that the packaging was really well made and the blush was super bright and fun. The moisturizer on the other hand didn't appear to be filled all the way..boo on that! I swatched both products the moisturizer felt smooth and creamy but the blush looked chalky. I was somewhat upset by the blush chalk because I really loved the color and wanted to like this product.

Face test: I put the moisturizer on with my hands like I would with any other one and it blended in great, did not feel heavy and gave a little bit of coverage. Its definitely not foundation, but it does subside some discoloration. I set it with a loose powder and moved along to the blush. I was apprehensive about this blush because of the chalk factor on my hand but i tried it out anyway. I grabbed a brush and proceeded to  buff it on. I was completely surprised at how well it went on and did not look chalky at all on my face! Weird huh? Maybe its because my face is an oil slick and that helped move around some of the chalk..who knows! Both products seemed to hold up well throughout the day. I am going to buy a few more blushes to try because this one worked out so well, As for the moisturizer..Ill get another one of those too :) 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rainbow Eyes with E.L.F. 32 pallete

I decided that I wanted to play around and do some fun colors;

1. lighter green color on inner part of eye and inner part of lower lashline
2. seafoam green color on middle of eye and middle part of lower lasline
3. purple color on outer part of eye and in the crease, also on outer part of lower lashline
4. fleshtone sparkle color as a highlight and also in upper inner corner of eye near the nose to brighten it up
make sure to blend all the colors so there isnt a huge line between each color you put on :)

Shadow base: Too Faced shadow insurance
Liner: Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in color Stash. on upper lashline and on lower waterline
Mascara: Loreal Voluminous in black

sorry the numbers are so small on the palette...my bad


Birchbox- June 2011

I am super excited for this box because, do you see that compact...do ya? Its a FULL FREAKING SIZE and it retails for $29.50!!!!! OH YEAH, that's what I'm talking about!!!! Not bad for a 10 dollar sample box huh?!
This months box is all about travel, to smelling like the tropics, having a beachy bronze glow or fixing a pesky nail polish issue,this box has it! Here's the products:

Debra Lippmann- stripper on the go nail lacquer removers- Its a little glove that goes over your hand and takes the polish off easy
Sircuit Cosmeceuticals- molecular mist- Face hydrater and makeup setting spray

Kate Spade-Twirl fragrance- fruity floral perfume.(reminds me of clinique happy with more floral scent)

Lavanila-body butter in vanilla coconut- The scent is the perfect mix of vanilla and coconut. Made with shea and cocoa butter and is super moisturizing

Laura Geller-Blush-N-Brighten, color: como/portofino- FULL SIZE!!! Marble part is a peachy bronze blush and peach triangle is a highlighter. Very pretty!!!!

 Favorite from last months box:

Stila eyeshadow in Barefoot Contessa!
I have been using this shadow as a crease color almost all month. I love it!!!!!

May Birchbox 2011

Almost forgot to put this up. I got this box a few weeks ago. The may birchbox theme is mothers day, with all the things that mom would like and recommend. Personally..If my mom was still alive I don't think she would recommend much from this box due to the smell of some of the products. She liked more fruity smells, like me. This box has more clean/soapy smells that make my eyes water but, anyway, here's the products:

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir parfume sample- This is a mature scent. it is nice but defiantly a smell that you would want to wear a night. not a good everyday smell in my opinion
Ahava dead sea mineral hand cream- super moisterizing but it smells soapy to me
Archipelago Pomegranate soap- Has white tea and pomegranate scent...much more pleasent than the ahava hand cream scent.
a full size stila eyeshadow in barefoot contessa-a very pretty burgandy brown shadow with a hint of gold flex. very blendable!
The birchbox treat for this month was a cute little greeting card with a realy nice tree picture on it. I want to frame it and use it as a decoration in my apartment!

Beachy waves hair do!

This is so easy to use...just be careful not to burn your fingers. All you do is hold the wand whatever way is comfortable, wrap your hair around it, let it sit for a few seconds and let go...TADA you get pretty little loose curls. Just finger through them with a little product so you don't get poof city (I used Aveda Light element smoothing fluid to do this) and spray with a flexable hold hairspray.
Found the curling wand on sale at Amazon!
Barrel goes from 1 1/4 inches up to 3/4 inch and has a cool tip to help prevent burning your fingers, ears etc..A turn dial heat setting that lets you control the heat up to 450 degrees (mine was on 350). The thicker and more course your hair is the higher temperature you will need. If you have fine hair dont put it up as high as I did. You will burn your hair...that wont be cool' :)

Favorite product from April 2011 Birchbox! LIVGRN perfume!

I'm not big on buying expensive perfumes, mainly because I don't have the extra cash flow to spend but this one caught my senses. Its made of biodegradable ingredients and has a very unique smell. The smell is slightly woody and sweet, something I have never smelled before. Birchbox was offering a 15% off coupon for that month so I decided to order it.
This perfume retails at 60 dollars, The smell wears off fast...at least I cant smell it after an hour or two. I even used lotion to try and get it to adhere to my skin better, that seemed to work OK. 
All and All I'm pleased with this perfume. It is different than all the other ones out there

April Birchbox!!

I recieved my FIRST Birchbox for the month of april. I was super excited to try the products out because I have not heard of any of them before. Each box comes with a little card that tells you about each product in the box as well as how much the full size bottles cost.
Since April is earth month, every product in the box was eco friendly! I have been wanting products free of parabens and any other nasty chemical based junk in them. After I try out the products ill put a post on my favorite product and a little more about it :)

Heres whats in the box:
Starting from top left on picture
LIVGRN Parfume
Weleda, wild rose face lotion
Zoya, Nail polish in color Jules
Birchbox treat this month is a little piece of paper that has seeds in it. When you plant it itll turn into flowers:)
an extra sample- Juice Beauty stem cell repair moisturizer packet
Juice Beauty Green apple peel for your face

Favorite summer lip shade :)

I love peachy orangy colors for summer so I picked up this MAC lipstick in the color Vegas Volt. Its an Amplified finish so it is really creamy on the lips and has a lot of color payoff. I did notice that it will bleed a little so I would recommend using a lip liner before.They had some even brighter ones but I felt like this was the most wearable. Its expensive at $14.50 but itll last a me long time. You can get this color Here

Fun earrings :)

Love these branch earrings!!! I found them in a boutique near my work. I love the little beads and how different they look. They were the only ones in there so I HAD to buy them...cheap too only 4bucks!!!