Friday, July 8, 2011

e.l.f blush and tinted moisturizer review

Tinted moisturizer in color beige and blended into my skin on the right side

                                                            Blush in pink passion
Looks chalky on my hand :/

Wears wonderfully on my skin :)

I decided to try 2 of the e.l.f.'s studio line products. They are so cheap at only 3 bucks so I figured if it sucked it wouldn't be that big of a deal. My first impression was that the packaging was really well made and the blush was super bright and fun. The moisturizer on the other hand didn't appear to be filled all the on that! I swatched both products the moisturizer felt smooth and creamy but the blush looked chalky. I was somewhat upset by the blush chalk because I really loved the color and wanted to like this product.

Face test: I put the moisturizer on with my hands like I would with any other one and it blended in great, did not feel heavy and gave a little bit of coverage. Its definitely not foundation, but it does subside some discoloration. I set it with a loose powder and moved along to the blush. I was apprehensive about this blush because of the chalk factor on my hand but i tried it out anyway. I grabbed a brush and proceeded to  buff it on. I was completely surprised at how well it went on and did not look chalky at all on my face! Weird huh? Maybe its because my face is an oil slick and that helped move around some of the chalk..who knows! Both products seemed to hold up well throughout the day. I am going to buy a few more blushes to try because this one worked out so well, As for the moisturizer..Ill get another one of those too :) 


  1. e.l.f studio line is great! I love their blushers

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