Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nails Of The Day

Green/Blue color is Essie-Turquoise & Caicos

For the ring finger "Marble" look I used Essie- Sand Tropez as a base, then dropped alternating drops of Sand Tropez, Essie- Braziliant  , and one drop of OPI- Green-Wich Village  into a cup, I then took a kabob stick and moved the color around to form a pattern, stuck my finger in it a TA DA! I'm sure there a ton of video tutorials on how to do this out there. Once I can do it well enough Ill post a picture tutorial.
I have no idea why the marble nail has a yellow cast in the picture because in real life there is a touch of the green. This was my first time attempting the marbleized look and it came out cute! If you like the polish colors click on there names and the link will take you to the sites. :)

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