Friday, September 28, 2012

Where Have I Been For A Month? Update.

I know I have been a little absent on the whole blogging train but I just want to let all of you guys know that I will be back very soon. I have had one busy month. I recently purchased a foreclosed house and my boyfriend and I have been fixing up as much of the house as we could before my apartment lease ended in September SO, I had no Internet for awhile and blogging on my phone isn't that easy. To make the situation even more crazy I had to travel for 11 days to be in a friends wedding then come home and get back into the life of college courses. So yeah its been a little crazy but I promise I will be back on a regular blogging schedule very soon.I am thinking October. :) Until then here is a glimpse into what my next 4 posts are going to be. Can you guess them?

See everyone soon!!