Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shoedazzle collection. YAY SHOES :)

I have been a member of Shoedazzle for a few years now and I wanted to show you guys the things I have purchased from them. If your not familiar with Shoedazzle it is alot like Jewlmint or Just Fab or any of those type of sites only I think its been around a little longer than those two I just mentioned. You take a style quiz and from that quiz shoedazzle stylist pick a showroom of shoes for you to pick from each month, also within your showroom there are Bags and Jewelry to pick from. Each thing you purchase is $39.95 with FREE shipping  FREE returns and no monthly fee ($9.00shipping/returns and no monthly fee if in Canada, Alaska or Hawaii).
 The items you pick come neatly wrapped and stuffed with tissue paper to keep the shape of the item and to protect from damage in shipping, each thing comes with its own cute little pink dustbag and the shoes are in pink boxes that pull out of instead of a regular box top.
Here is a screen shot of the shoe portion of my showroom this month...

I have 2 bags to show you then onto the shoes...oh and the style name of the bag or shoe will be on the top left of the first photo (except for the first bag I'm showing, I couldn't figure out what it was)
And just to let you know, this blog post might be a little long :/

This is a travel set, so both together was $39.95. A carry on bag that Ive used alot when I fly back home and a travel makeup case.

There are 2 zipper compartments to this case.
Inside of the bottom part of the case has a small button pocket in the back to store jewelry and cords on the sides to store small bottles

The top has a mirror and more cords to hold things. I usually put my hair clips and headbands in this top section.

I just got this bag in the mail a few days ago and I love it. Its huge and has lots of places for all my crap :)
Not to mention the gold stud detailing all around the straps of this bag are to cute and also the snake print design with the brown and camel color is really nice to!

Inside of the Lapeer bag

The back of the Lapeer bag

 Its dust bag


I do have one more pair of shoes that went MIA, they were in the style Gypsy and are really cute blue studded heels. To see these shoes click HERE

These boots are so cute. Ive had them for quite sometime now and every time I wear them someone asks where they are from. They are faux leather and I'm thinking around a 3 inch heel with a 1/2 in platform but I'm not certain as I do not have the papers on the sizes of the heel anymore.

These heels are so fun. I love the sparkle detail on the heel. I will say one thing, the toes in most of these shoes are a bit snug, I really need to stretch them out. These nude faux patent leather pumps have a 4in heel and about an 1.5in platform with leopard print insoles.
Mel B glitter heel :) 

The Kelis shoe is  faux patent leather pump with a platform and a cute tear drop cutout in the toe. The color is a bit odd and a little hard to photograph,but I like it nonetheless. When I ordered them online the color stated was pink and the shoe on the site was not pink, it was a very light lavender nude color, which is the color the shoes shipped to me were. I'm glad they are that color, I ordered them in hopes of it being that odd nude/lavender shade.  The heel height of this shoe is 3.5in and has a1in platform. If you cant tell by the last pair, I like high shoes :) 

The Kadian shoe reminds me of a sexy cross between a saddle shoe (because of the colors) and an open toe Mary Jane,anyone else agree? I haven't got a chance to wear these yet but hopefully its soon because they are way to cute to sit in a box. :) These shoes are made of faux patent leather have a 4in heel and a 1.25in platform

The Louvette flats are my most recent shoedazzle purchase and I'm in LOVE with them! I think the are so cool. They are made of clear plastic with the top band, toe and heel of the shoe made in pewter colored faux leather. What makes these sweet are the spikes on the toes and heels. There real spikes too so watch out! :) I haven't wore these yet but I'm dying to!!!

So there is my little shoedazzle collection. :D




DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post, I purchased all of the products with my own money. All opinions are my own.

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