Monday, July 2, 2012

June Birchbox

OMG its July already and I forgot to post my June Birchbox!! Sorry guys, I suck :/  Well here is what I recieved in my JUNE birchbox.

Masqueology Brightning Mask- 3 Masks Retail for $24USD
Ive already tried out this mask and honestly, I could do without. The mask itself feels really slimy and it was WAY to large for my face. The directions say to leave it on for 20 minutes, peel the mask off and rub the excess product into your skin. It is supposed to help even out your skin tone, Well, I tried to leave it on the full 20min but because it was too large for my face it kept sliding off so I just took it off, rubbed in the excess and went to bed. My face stuck to my pillow the entire night and when I woke up, my face did not look any different. :/

                theBalm cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen- Full Size Retails for $17USD
  This product can be used on lips and cheeks. I dont like using cheek stains but as a lip stain this product is really nice. The color can be applied sheer for just a hit of pinky/red color and can be built up to more of a red stain.
                  Supergoop SPF 30+- Full Size Retails for $14-$48USD
This non greesy, oil free SPF provides UVA/UVBprotection and hydrates skin. I usually use this on my face when I go to the beach or pool. It feels like a thicker style moisturizer when applied to the skin and it gives great sun protection. I havent gotten a sunburn on my face while using this product :D
                  Comodynes Self -Tanning Intensive Towels- Pack of 8 Retails for $14.99USD
These are European bestselling tanning towels. I tried one of these towels and it was a little hard to use. The towels look feel like most makeup remover towels. Since the towel was white I had trouble applying it as I could not see where I was putting it. The color comes within an hour and after that hour I noticed streak marks around  my knees because I did not get enough color on them. The color that showed up was very natural, thank god because if it was orange those streaks would have been very noticeable. Just be careful when applying these. :)

Swach of theBalm Stainiac, Beauty Queen

ModCloth Headband was the Extra in the Junes box. 1 headband Retails for $14USD
I have not used this yet so Im not sure how it will work. It has wires in it so Im guessing itll form around your head well.


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  1. I got the tanning towels too they turned out pretty good. So jealous of your modcloth head band that is so cute!