Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Question Wednesday fron Nykki's mane blog

Its Wednesday so that means blog hop time!!! Don't forget to check out the Creator of this blog hop Nykki from my mane blog for details and lots of other fun stuff! :) 

This week is the Travel edition...

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

I have always wanted to go to Ireland, it looks so pretty over there. Oh, also Australia so I could travel the huge cities and run after kangaroos in the country. haha

2. Where is the coolest/best place you have ever traveled?

Ive never been anywhere cool, I suck. I guess the "coolest" would be the west coast of Florida and NYC. I have been to Canada a few times before I turned 21 and that was a fun time ;)

3. How do you feel about road trips?

I road trip it every year to Ohio, its around 11 hours and its fun/boring. I'm excited to come home and see everyone but its the same roads that I take to get there so there is never anything new to look at. I like taking short road trips those are always fun. Your not tired from being couped up in the car all day and if something happens then your not 700 miles away from where you live.

4. You just won two tickets to your dream vacation, who's going with you?

That would be my boyfriend Derek.

5. Airport security is only allowing you to take 3 make-up items with you, what are they?

Concealer, Lipgloss,Mascara
                                 See you next week,


  1. I've always wanted to go to Canada. Just never made it up there. I know how you feel about to make my 800 mile drive back home next week.

    1. I lived 4 hours away from Canada so I went up there when I was younger because the drinking age was 19. Haha

  2. Great answers! Canada is pretty cool I've been to Toronto a few times but I hate the 4 hour drive from my old place.

    1. It was 4 hours for me too. I've been to Niagria Falls and Winsor and there both 4 hours away from where Im originally from. It's a fun time up there