Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nykki's mane blog #QWED

HIIII Im here again with the wonderful Question Wednesday blog hop from Nykki's mane blog
This post is all about lips...I couldn't pass this one up being a Lipgloss Junkie and all. ;)

1. Lipstick or Lipgloss?
Lipgloss is what I reach for the most. You can slather it on without looking in a mirror (in most cases). Its finding the right one for you that takes the most time. Some can be sticky.
2. Favorite Lipstick Brand && Why?

I love the NYX Matte lipcreams. They seem to last forever and have great color payoff. I also like clinique lipsticks. They have some pretty colors.
3. How often do you wear lipstick?

A few times a week depending on my makeup look. I'm loving neutral eyes and bright lips :)
4. Must have lip product{s}:

a nice chapstick is always a must. I like the babylips ones because they are a little bit glossy and they do not feel waxy, I also love the Aveda lip saver lip treatment to keep my lips smooth. exfoliating your lips really helps with lipstick to stay on. I usually just use my toothbrush but I have used the Lush bubblegum lip scrub in the past. It works lovely.
5. Current favorite lipstick?

Ive been wearing Aveda Star Coral alot lately, so that would be my favorite for right now. It'll change soon, I'm sure.

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  1. what a fun survey! new follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

    1. Why thank you for following hun :) Makes my day!!!

  2. Pretty cool post :) I found you through blog hop, would you like to follow each other?

    1. I will totally check out your blog for sure.

  3. I've never tried Aveda cosmetics but have read great reviews. NYX lip creme is amazing! I love it as well. visiting from the blog hop, want to follow each other?

    1. Aveda products are great!!! And Ill check out your blog too.