Thursday, May 3, 2012

Whats that weirdness in your purse.

I tend to carry bags that are a little too big for me, I know I'm not the only one out there, but it is kind of funny to get asked questions like..."How can a girl so small, have that much stuff to carry around?" or "That bag is bigger than you!". Well I'm not sure why I carry around huge bags, I just like to shove stuff in them. But no matter what I always keep these few things in my bag at all times, so if the bag doesn't fit these things than I wont use it! Now mind you, most of these things aren't the normal old wallet, keys, makeup, Advil, hairbrush types of things that are found in my bag, but  are my random "extras" I keep with me. So in other words this is not a full "Whats in my bag?" tag.
                                             Here is the bag I'm currently using:
Its a NEON highlighter yellow crossbody bag that I found at Target. It is made of some weird type of plastic faux leather stuff and has an adjustable strap so you don't have to wear it crossbody if you don't want to. I have also been using it as my everyday bag so some of the stuff I wear clashes with it, and I really don't care, so :P

The first thing that is always in my bag is,
Well first few things are a pencil a pen and a highlighter. You never know when you'll need them. The only stupid thing is, is that I never have a mini notebook or journal in my bag so if I need to write something down then I dig for 20 minutes looking for a receipt or something. *note to self, get a notebook dumbass ;)* oh and the Ink Joy pens are AWESOME!!! They write so smooth.

On to the next thing:

Hand Sanitizer and Hand lotion. Another normal thing in a women's handbag. For some reason gas pumps gross me out so I always use hand sanitizer after Ive touched one and the lotion is for the obvious reason of combating dry hands, although I sometimes put it on if I'm bored waiting in line somewhere.

Im sure alot of lady's carry this next thing in their bags
Food! Doesn't have to be a banana, but some type of food. I just happened to want a banana that day. Sometimes I have healthy stuff and sometimes I have 5 candy bars and a fruit roll up in there. And if I'm going to the movies Ive had a cheeseburger or two in there once or twice. haha

The last thing is kinda stupid but I know some people carry lucky charms with them, whether it is a picture, a quote, a Buddha or other figurines or whatever by my "lucky charm" is this

A freaking poop bag! Bahahaha yes a poop bag. I am accident prone and drop stuff and brake stuff and everything else so even if I don't have my dog with me I'm going to need this bag to put something in that busts in my purse or bloody napkins from a skinned knee I just got or whatever else you can think of. Its not just for my dogs poop. :) Almost everytime I forget to put a bag in my purse something happens to the point that I would need one then I'm basically screwed. haha I know right, What a weirdo?! 



  1. You are one of the lucky ones who got her hands on that neon bag! Love it and don't feel badly about being accident prone ;) it happens.

    1. Really? I saw this bag at my local target just last week when I went in to clothes shop. Hmmm?

  2. Haha! Love this post :) My odd things are a toothbrush, and sugar packet...sugar for tea or coffee, and toothbrush left over that I never took out from a late night at work. Mind you-I don't have any tooth paste in there. lol.

    1. Oh man a tooth brush is a good idea. I carry floss around but hate using it! Hopefully you didn't need to use the toothbrush during your date since you had no toothpaste. Lol too funny :)