Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nykki's mane blog Question Wednesday. PETS! :)

Its Question Wednesday blog hop time!! Don't forget to follow the Creator of this blog hop, Nykki from my mane blog she has a super cute blog with tons of fun and informative posts :)

 This weeks hop is all about PETS!!!

1. How many pets do you have & what are their names?

As of right now I have one mixed breed dog that I adopted from a local shelter. I'm not completely sure what kind of dog she is but I am guessing she is a beagle/terrier mix. Her name is Lola Belle. We usually call her just Lola but she has a middle name too :)

2. Why do you have pets?

I have always wanted a dog, growing up I was not allowed to have one and now that I am  older and can do what I want I decided to adopt a dog about a year ago. I'm glad I did, even though she is a total crazy, hyper spaz she is also very loving and if I'm having a bad day she brightens it up.
3. What is your dream pet? {Breed, Kind, etc.}

I'm more of a small to medium dog person. I could never have a dog that weighed as much as I do, it would knock me over if it jumped on me. Ive always wanted a Yorkie or an Alaskan Klee Kai (its basically a Husky only miniature). Both breeds are really expensive so I doubt Ill ever buy one, plus there are so many dogs in shelters that I would feel bad for spending so much money on a dog knowing there are lovable ones waiting to be adopted.
4. If you could domesticate any wild animal and have it for a pet, which would it be?

A penguin. I mean come on, how cool would it be to have a freaking penguin waddling around!? :D

5. Let's solve the biggest pet debate: Cats or Dogs?

Ive had cats in the past. I like cats, they are pretty easy to take care of but I cant clean the litterbox. The smell of it makes my eyes hurt and I cant breathe. I must be allergic to cat poop or something. Plus most cats are very independent. Ive had one cat that acted like a dog but the one I grew up with would run and hide and would only come out to lay with my mom when she was watching TV. So, the answer to the question is dogs. Dogs are alot more fun. :)
 If you follow me on Instagram Im always posting dog pics so Im sorry If your not a dog person and your timeline gets full of them. :/ But for those of you that enjoy that type of thing, heres a few of her :)

She has extremely long legs for a small dog and it is so funny seeing what she does with them when she sleeps. Plus, her feet smell and she is clearly laying face to foot in this picture. What a weirdo haha. :)

   Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!



  1. Your dog is adorable!! (:

    <3 Amanda,

  2. Dogs really are alot more fun :D

  3. Cute dog :) but omggg I just looked up the Alaskan Klee Kai! I have a husky and this little guy would be the perfect companion for him! Haha it would so cute to have both of them!

    1. Thank you and omg that would be so cute having a regular sized Husky and a miniature sized one!