Monday, April 23, 2012

Befine food skin care, Gentle Cleanser

 I have been loving all of the products in my April birchbox  and one of the samples in that box was 2 packets of  Befine food skin care gentle cleanser. With my birchbox points I was able to get the full size for free!!!
                                                  Stated on Befine site:
"Benefits: Gently cleanses while invigorating skin and improving circulation.Prevents premature aging as it supports skins collagen and elastin Smooths wrinkles and tightens skin Helps retain moisture leaving skin renewed and refreshed."

When I first opened the packet, I squirted it onto my hand thinking it was more of a cream or gel consistency, well its not, its watery and I ended up squirting half the packet into my hand making it drip down the side of my hand and all over the sink. Wonderful! :/ When I got myself situated and had just a little bit of the product on my hands I began to rub it all over my damp face. The product lathers up great and has a natural mint smell. After rubbing it around my face for about 30seconds or so I rinsed it off and pat dried my face. When I looked in the mirror every ounce of makeup that was on my face before was gone, and my skin felt fresh and clean.
I was really pleased with how well this cleanser worked. I did not have any allergic reactions to it or any over drying or tightening feeling (I hate ones that make your face tight, so I was a bit bumed when it said that it tightens the skin).

Ingredient List
They also do not test on animals and the gentle cleanser is good for all skin types

Befine product extracts come from plants and minerals so there are no fillers, artificial colors or fragrances. They are also paraben free.

Full size bottle $24USD



  1. This sounds really cool I like that it has mint in it.

  2. I need to start using a cleanser, I used to cleanse and tone religiously but now i've fallen out of the habit, I don't like the tight skin feeling afterwards either, don't know if i could use this though cause i'm not a massive fan of mint!

    thanks for sharing your review though <3 i like your blog very much! come critique my blog some time? I found you through the blog hop!