Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stress- Fix

Aveda has a new line of Ecocert certified organic stress relieving products made with organic French Lavender, lavandin and clary sage to help take your stress away. A tub of bath salts, oil concentrate, and a body lotion make up the new Stress-fix line. I don't usually do post like this but I was so excited when these products came to our salon! I love taking lavender baths after a stressful day at work. So I wanted to tell all of you about these wonderful products. I will say that they do smell like lavender. It is an overpowering scent in the bottles but when you use the products the smell isn't as potent.

$40 USD
Stress-fix Soak Salts-Just add a scoop to your running bath water and relax in the calming lavender scent.
$22 USD
Stress-fix Concentrate-A rollerball filled with the lavender, lavandin and clary sage essential oils that can be used on pressure points to help you relax.

$28 USD
Stress-fix body lotion- A great way to end your stress relieving bath is to apply this lotion all over your body. It is super moisturizing and not to heavy so you wont have to worry about lotion getting all over your sheets when you tuck yourself into bed. I use this lotion all the time.:)

And to take your special bath time one step farther Aveda has Limited Edition Earth Month Lavender candles
(Source)$12 USD
These candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and are infused with the lavender essential oils with added other plant and flower extracts. Whats cool about the glass container is that it is made from recycled wine bottles. (during the holidays aveda has another limited edition candle and last year that holder was made from recycled beer bottles)
Proceeds of candle purchase will go towards giving clean water to countries that do not have it.


You can purchase all of these products at your local Aveda salon or store or you can buy them online right HERE


  1. I haven't tried any Aveda products but my sister is obsessed with them I'll have to keep these in mind for her birthday!

  2. Aveda products are wonderful, they can be a bit pricy but well worth it and they last forever. If your sister likes lavender scents she should love these products. :)