Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nail of the day

 Today's nail color is by Wet and Wild Spoiled collection in the color Paying with
Platinum. It is a really cool two toned color. It has a gray base and as the light catches this polish it can turn a gray/pink hue or a gray/green hue.

On the top picture the polish is more pink, while on the bottom picture its more green, all by moving my fingers around and the light catching it differently.

Now I do have another polish by this brand (its bright green) and the brush shed like crazy!!! This one seems to be fine. The brush is a little different than your standard polish brush, the ends are shaped more rounded and the tip sticks up rather than one flat square shape so you can get into the corners of your nail better.

This polish does last for a few days (with my hands in water all the time, getting 2 or 3 days of lasting power is awesome) and it only costs around $1.99-$2.99 USD so its not going to break your wallet! :) My only complaints are the brushes might shed, so make sure to look at it really well before purchasing and the smell of this polish is STRONG so don't use it in a tiny bathroom...unless you have the fart fan on (teehee)

These polishes can be found at pretty much anywhere,walmart,CVS,target,walgreens etc...Mine is from cvs(incase you wanted to know) and cost $1.99 USD... This is a polish line sold at  CVS only. I swear I thought Ive seen them elsewhere but apparently not...so oopsy :)



  1.  I noticed these polishes are super strong too!! Its funny how we both got the bright green and this shade from the collection very similar taste I guess (actually my husband picked mine out) lol.
    PS I think these are a collection exclusive to CVS

    1. I do like these polishes.
      Are they really only for CVS? I swear I saw hem at target but who knows. I need to pay attention to stuff better. :/

  2. I love duochrome polishes. Nice review

  3. So do I they look so cool!!!
    Thank you

  4. That is funny how we have the same polishes. and yeah your right they are only at CVS. I need to pay attention to stuff a little better :/ plus in my cvs they are just shoved in a random spot with no real signs telling they are cvs only so I had no idea...plus i thought i saw them at target but it muct ofbeen some other kind.