Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor Review

As most of you all know I received an Influenster Love voxbox the month of February and this wonderful razor was in the box. Its a Gillette Venus Razor with Olay moisture strips on BOTH ends!!! YAY!!! This  razor is 5 blades so it can make for a really close shave. I usually use a men's 5 blade razor because that is the only thing that I have found to give me a close enough shave...until I used this one! This razor gave me just as close of a shave and the moisture strips kept me from having to use shaving gel. Now I will say, that I can stretch my men's razor for a few shaves, I'm not sure if this one will make it past 2 uses.

The head of the Gillette Venus & Olay razor sits on a pivot and is rounded so it can go over my bony little knees without slicing them up causing ouchys. :) The moisture strips consist of  Petrolatum to lock in moisture and Glycerin. Oh and not to mention it has an awesome vanilla scent!

The price tag is about normal for most razors of this extent. $8.99 to $10.99 USD for the Razor handle and 1 blade and a hanger to keep it  your shower wall.
Replacement blades run about $14.99- $19.99 for 3 replacements

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free through the Influenster voxbox program. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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