Sunday, March 30, 2014

Snap Shot Sunday's 3/30/14 My Favorite Jeans!!

Today's snapshot Sunday's post is not going to be an outfit of the day but rather a post about my favorite pairs of jeans. I have no idea why it is so hard to find that perfect pair of jeans? I mean, seriously, practically every store has their own brand of jeans yet I can never find any that fit right? Whats up with that?  I know I am not the only girl out there that struggles to find "that pair". Right??
I am going to show you all my 3 favorites right now and they are all pretty affordable. But before I get into the photos let me tell you my issue with finding jeans...

  • I have short legs! They are always 3-5 inches too long so I have to wear heels, roll them up or get them hemmed.Oh, and I'm 5'4" so I am short but not extremely short.
  • My butt is big for how small I am. I can typically wear juniors and kids sizes but sometimes the straight fit doesn't go over my butt well.
  • My waste is tiny. If they fit my butt they usually have a gap in the waste.

   Ok,onto my 3 favorites:

First up is Hollister Co. 
I have been wearing Hollister jeans for a good 10 years now. Some people love them and some people hate them. I like them because I never have any issues with the gap in the waste, the pockets actually sit on my butt instead of underneath and they come in regular, long and short inseam lengths. (I buy short length) I tend to go for the boot cut and flare designs as they fit me best and the skinny designs are way to skinny for my butt. The ones in the photo are boot cut in a medium wash. They sit on the waste and are tight through the thigh. They also have some stretch to them. I got this pair on sale for $25USD

Second pair is Forever XXI 
These jeans are the Everyday Skinny Jeans and are only $7.80 USD. They are extremely comfortable, have a lot of stretch and come in different washes. The pair I have are in a darker denim wash. Sometimes they can be a little long on me but that's ok because they shrink a bit when you put them in the dryer. The only bad thing I would say about them is they get stretched out way to easily and i need to wear a belt to keep myself from pulling them up every two seconds.

Last pair (and my newest "had to get") MissMe
I have been on a hunt to find a pair of Miss Me jeans for awhile now. My friend got me talked into buying some since she raves about how comfortable they are, how they are stretchy but not too stretchy and how none of the embellishments fall off them and she says they are the only jeans she wears ( which is true, shes wears the shorts and capris too) So I decided to go hunt for a pair, and hunt I did because whenever I would try them on I would have the waste gap issue with every pair until  I finally found this pair at Belk in the, wait for it... little kids section!  Yes, the little kids section. That same friend told me to check the little girls section as they have some of the smaller sizes and she thought I would fit into them better. She was right! I will say it is weird trying on clothes on an area where the sizes range from 2 toddler and up.
These jeans are a little on the pricey side ranging from $86-$109 USD. Mine were $86 but I got them on sale for $56.24 USD after taxes. I love all glittery detail to the pockets. The ones in the photo are a boot cut in a medium wash with fading and a sequin Fleur DE Lis pattern on the back pockets. These fit a little higher at the waste and are tight through the thigh with a slight flair.

                                  So there you have it, my 3 favorite pairs of jeans! :)

                                               What are your favorite jeans?

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