Thursday, March 6, 2014

Is summer here yet!! Pom Pom shorts!

All I can say is I want summer to come so I can wear these pom pom shorts! They are the cutest!!! Don't you agree?
Yes, this photo was taken in my car directly after buying these shorts.

close up of the pom pom detail.

Cute little clothing tags. :)
I purchased these pom pom shorts at a local vintage/handmade store called surcees. I am in LOVE with that store and the girl that owns it is so sweet. She posted a photo of these shorts on her instagram not too long ago and I knew I had to pick up a pair. She also has a website and posts certain things to sell online. These shorts are on the site right now under the handmade icon, they come in a handful of designs in her store but as of right now, the designs she has online are the style in my photos, a coral color with anchors on them and a fun colorful moroccan print. I'm sure she will add more designs in the future. By the way, if you click the swim icon she has some really cute handmade bow bandeau swim tops. :)
 These pom pom shorts are meant to be worn as a bathing suit cover up, for that reason, they are rather sheer. Honestly, these shorts are way to cute to be getting sand and salt water all over them. I am going to buy myself some nude boyshorts to wear under these so I can sport them as daily attire. Let me tell you, the cut of these are great! On me, the they sit on my waist comfortably are NOT too short and the higher cut on the sides makes them slightly flair out and show off my thighs in a good way. The  silk/cotton material these are made out of  feels so soft against your skin. I had these on in my house a couple days ago (because its too cold outside right now for shorts) and I did not want to take them off!! They were so comfortable! I know that I will be back in that store for another pair of these shorts!! When the weather permits I'll do an outfit post. Maybe I will have a better camera by then....lets hope!

You can check out her site here at

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