Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What was I thinking Wednesady

So I was rummaging through my photos a few weeks ago and noticed that I have wore some pretty stupid stuff or did my makeup a way that made me say "WHAT WAS I THINKING?" I felt like this would be a perfect thing to blog about because not everyone looks good all the time. I mean come on...can you honestly say you've never wore your hair in a way you thought was cool at the time but looking back it was a total HOT MESS or and outfit or makeup look that just didn't go right? If you can say no to that question then pin a rise on your nose for never having an off moment, for the rest of us, having those oops moments only makes us grow and learn not to do that certain thing again.
Every Wednesday I'll be posting a photo with one of my oops moments, until I run out of photos. I'm going to try and start with ones from when I was a kid up until now. My first one is of me when I was 4 or 5 years old.
HAHA! Look at that stone washed jean outfit!! Really? I guess that one was more  "What was my Mom thinking?" but still...pretty ugly huh? That kid sitting next to me is my younger brother, by the way. He might pop up in photos with me from time to time.

I'm not turning this into a tag but If you have any oops moments Id Love to see them so don't hesitate to send a link back with your post if you decide to do a "what was I thinking?"  

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  1. You are one brave lady posting oops moments! I have them but no way am I brave enough to put that on the internet! Especially my 7th grade pictures when I thought it was a good idea to straighten parts of my hair and then gel them down to my head and leave the rest curly.. hot mess! lol Thanks for sharing