Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Soap and Glory

I know there are tons of hand lotions out there and once you find the perfect one for your skin you tend to stick with it. That's how I feel about my Aveda hand relief lotion. That stuff is amazing, It lasts through at least 3 hand washings! But that is another post all in itself.
   There has been many great reviews about the Soap and Glory hand food lotion, so I put my aveda lotion on  hold for a moment, drove to my local sephora..drove back home because they didn't have it and bought the small 1.7OZ bottle of Soap and Glory hand food on sephora.com. :0)  The 1.7OZ retails for $5 US dollars
This is a creamy, thick lotion that is made from macadamia oil, shea butter and marshmallow. I had no idea what this lotion smelled like so when I saw it had marshmallow in it i was like yeah its going to smell like sugar :)
Well...it doesn't smell like sugar...I think the macadamia oil overpowers any marshmallow in there and I swear there is a hint of a flower scent mixed in. I had my boyfriend smell it and he said it smelled like flowers too. I'm not fond of flower smells but this smell is on the lighter side so I can deal with it.
Since I cut hair for a living right now, my hands are always in water,therefore; they can become dry easily. This lotion feels nice it was applied, it absorbed fast and did not feel greasy. It left my hands feeling silky smooth  but, it only lasted through one hand washing as compared to 3 from my aveda lotion. It also has a large list of ingredients and a few of them are parabens. I have only been using lotions without parabens because they are "supposed" to be bad for you (i don't know if they are, but I'm just taking a precaution). I did not look at the ingredient list prior to purchasing this lotion. 
 If you want your hands to feel silky smooth  than this is a great daily hand lotion to use.If you have a job like mine that you have to wash your hands constantly this can work for you, but you will  have to use it a little more throughout the day. As for paraben free...not so much, so if you are on the hunt for paraben free lotions than this is not the one for you...if you could give two shits less about them then go ahead and try it out. It does make your hands feel super soft. :)


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  1. I haven't tried it but I have heard a lot of rave's about it, I'll have to keep it in mind not sure I would be able to hang with the flower sorta scent!