Thursday, January 26, 2012

NOTD, First Time using Polish Strips

I am just NOW trying  the Sally Hansen nail polish strips for the first time today. I know ,I know, but better late than never..Right?
See, my hands are always in water because of my job so polish NEVER stays on my nails for longer than a day and I also couldn't justify spending 10 bucks on a one time use nail sticker, so that's why it took me forever to try these! I was walking around  CVS  about a week ago and noticed there were a few for 75% off! I was like OK, if they suck Ill be out  2 bucks instead of 10. So I bought 1. :)

"skinny jean" is the color

What it all comes know, for  maybe the 1 or 2 people that have not used them yet. :P

Denim nails :)

Follow up:
 I have had these on for about an hour now and one already chipped. I mean WTF? Everyone loves these things and how long they last...I read the directions correctly and did what they said and one chipped!
Does anybody have any pointers? Glad it was 2 dollars :)

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