Saturday, January 28, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Review

Yes I am late on the whole Maybelline color tattoo shadows but I finally bought one to see how I liked it.

Color: Tough as Taupe

My face tends to get oily as do my eyelids so many cream shadows crease very easy on me.
To give this the full on test I did NOT use an eye primer before, I wanted to see if this product could stand on its own as a primer. I applied it with an eyeshadow brush because I felt like the product had a slight sticky feel to it and using my finger to apply it wouldn't work as well. I then set it with shadow....
As the day went on I checked my eye for crease marks and there were NONE! I was super excited to see this! I had the shadow on for about 10 hours and there was no creasing. I'm sure if I would of used an eye primer it could of lasted until the next day! So I think I'm going to go get another one. These might come in handy this summer when its 110 degrees outside and everything on your face melts off.


  1. I'm seriously in love with these shadows! I also reviewed them on my blog. Looks like I got all the colors but this one, and I think this is a great color to wear as a primer under any color eyeshadow. I will definitely have to go back to CVS to pick this one up!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    xoxo Aisha

    1. Thank thank you for reading it. :) I am going to be buying more of these shadows for sure because they really do live up to the hype ;)

  2. Out of all the colors I really like this one the most but every time I go to pick it up its sold out :(

    1. Oh no! I'm having the same problem with the bronze one, it's always sold out. I think I'm going to go to another Walmart that's out in nowhere so I'm sure they will have it. :)