Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby Lips lip balm...plus 2 more things.

I went to target to find a new mascara and as I was browsing the makeup isles I found 2 more things.
I'm not a huge fan of the great lash mascara but I noticed they came out with a new wand that is supposed to give volume,have no clumping and grab all of the little lashes most wands miss. I like the tapered shape of the wand and thought it would be a fun thing to try.

Maybelline baby lips lip balm in grape vine- This is a new product that maybelline just came out with and my target only had 2 colors left. The one I have and another one called cherry me. I opted for the more purple one rather than red because I have lots of red lip products. This product claims to give moisture to the lips for 8 hours and within a month lips look less dry and rough and more soft.
Ok, that sounds good so we will see how that goes. I tried this one out and it smells like grape koolaid, has just a tint of color, is easy to apply and  feels smooth and not sticky at all. The thing is... can I used this product everyday for a month in order to see the full benefit of it? Im going to try! These are also pretty cheap at $2.99.

Revlon diamond lust in color night sky- I was not on a hunt for another dark eyeshadow but when I came across this I had to buy it. Its a deep grey almost black with holographic glitter in it. As I swatched it I noticed the glitter doesn't stay around for long so hopefully using a base will adhere the glitter a bit longer. I haven't tested this one out all day yet so I'm excited to see what it does.

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