Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kate Moss lipstick, Review and Swatches

Kate Moss has been a fashion and style icon for years and is now showing off some of her unique makeup style with a new lipstick collection for Rimmel London Her collection has 7 shades ranging from mild ( a creamy nude) to wild ( a bright fuchsia and deep purple). I have 2 colors to show you.
 My local CVS only had about 5 colors on display in the line.I had to hunt for it though. The display itself was small and  was on a bottom shelf  mixed in with a few other displays from other brands and could be easily skipped over.  The price was $4.99 each.( I have no idea if they are selling them any cheaper at other stores or not)  I decided to go with one basic color and one crazy fun one.
These lipsticks have light reflective elements in them, that make the colors really pop.  The two I bought are more of a satin finish. They are not matte but not as shiny as a creme finish.

I picked the nude one because 1. I'm running out of a nude discontinued MAC lipstick and needed a new one and 2. Nude lips are great with the smokey/dark eyes everyone keeps rocking.

Yes, Its the crazy plum one. I love dark lips. It takes someone that is daring to pull off this color but with the right eye and cheek makeup it can be very sexy. This color is HIGHLY pigmented. I tried it out on my lips and was like "Whoa, that's some plum lips." so with that being said, this color isn't for everyone.

                                                         Its so pretty though

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