Tuesday, September 13, 2011


                                   September Birchbox!
This months box is to celebrate thanks to all of the subscribers of birchbox. Its been a year since the first birchbox launch...(I had no idea its only been a year since they started) and the products in this box are to represent the personality of birchbox.

The card with all the details :0)

From Left to Right

Incoco Nail polish Applique- These are cute little polish adheasives that have a fun cheetah print on them

Blinc Mascara- A waterproof/ sweatproof  mascara that makes tubes around the lashes

Lash Card- A card that is placed on the eyelid to keep mascara on  lashes and not the eyelids

From Left to Right

Girly Harvey Prince Eau Flirt- A perfume with notes of citrus, jasmine, lavender and pumpkin

Jouer Lip Enhancer- This is a lip balm, plumper and hydrater in one. I tried this one out already and it feels creamy on the lips and does plump without the nasty sting. :) 

All and all this wasnt my favorite birchbox. I thought maybe since it was there one year they would have a special full size product in it or something....but who knows, maybe Ill love one of the products in this months box. 

Favorite product from last months box:

This mask feels so nice on te skin, its leaves my face nice and smooth and seems to brighten my skin up. The smell is amazing too, just like Papaya. Yummmmm, makes you want to eat it!! It is a little hard to get off your face if your trying to just use your hands so using a warm washcloth is the best way to get it all the way off. :)

Site to get your own Birchbox! Only ten bucks a month :)

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