Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~~~Maybelline FIT foundation Review~~~

I decided to try out  this foundation because I ran out of my Revlon Colorstay and heard this one was good. Well...I'm not fond of it :(  I have oily skin and this foundation makes my face look even more oily. It gives a medium coverage and makes my skin look dewy but as the day goes on my face becomes really shiny and I feel like I have a mask on. Blotting and re applying powder does not help take the shine away.  This would be a wonderful foundation for women with dryer skin, as for me, I'm not going to purchase this one again.


  1. I was going to get this to try, glad I read your review before I have oily skin as well, so doesn't sound too good :(


  2. I was actually pretty bummed about how it felt on my skin. I really wanted to like it. Having oily skin can be a pain sometimes :(