Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My favorite holiday candles!

I love it when the holiday season comes around, I love seeing all the decorations and lights everywhere, the smell of christmas in the house..I also love the smell of holiday candles! Here are my favorite 3... all are from Bath and Body Works, Slatkin & Co.

Spice description stated on bottom of candle "The perfect Christmas spice- Red hot cinnamon, warm clove and spiced orange peel."
I can actually smell all 3 scents in this candle! It is the perfect candle to burn on cool nights as it makes my whole place feel warmer. 

Marshmallow Fireside description on candle " Toasted marshmallows and sweet vanilla cream wrapped in the aroma of rich smoldering woods."
I think it smells like marshmallow mixed with mens cologne...Im sure that doesnt seem like it would smell good but it works and this candle is one of my favorites so far! 

Tis the season description on candle "Golden apples, pine needles, and holiday cider are combined with a touch of ground cinnamon."
I am not a fan of pine smells but this candle has just a hint of pine and more of a cider scent, I love burning this one any time of day.

This little candle holder is my favorite. Love the snowflakes :)

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  1. hahahh after reading this post, i went and bought some apple and cinnamon candles hahahh!
    oh btw i love your blog <3 i followed for sure! could you give me some advice on my blog? its not doing to well :( i would love my blog to be as good as yours one day xx