Friday, December 30, 2011

How to make a T-shirt scarf

Ive been seeing a lot of tshirt scarfs within the last few months, so I decided to try it out.
                                                  Heres how to do it:

I bought this shirt from the local goodwill for CHEAP!
Cut off the hem (you will use this to tie the scarf together later)
Cut 1 to 2 inch strips across the length of the shirt stopping right under the armpit.
Pull on the strips until they fold over each other and look like ropes, then put your hand through each rope so they form a loop.

Take the hem of the shirt from earlier wrap it around one end of the loops to keep them together. I used hot glue to make sure it stayed.
For a little extra fun I saved 2 of the ropes and bought some chain from walmart and braided them together. I glued them in at the end where the end of the scarf was wrapped.
All finished!!

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