Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beauty Mail!

Decided to check out to see what they had and noticed Nars had a couple duo eye shadows on sale for 10 bucks so, I picked one of them a few other things.

This duo is called BYSANCE...No idea what the name means but the shadows are very pretty. They are both shimmery  and very pigmented. I love gold and purple together so I was excited to see this. :) 

Swatches are done without a base and they came up pretty good.  They last a long time. I used  my clinique makeup remover and had to do it twice because the purple one wanted to stay on my hand.

Laura does London collection, By bare essentials

(Left to Right)
 London- a baby pink lipstick that (on my lips) appears slightly matte.
 Laura-  a bright fuchsia gloss that is highly pigmented!
Both of these lip products claim to plump, so they do have that tingly feel, although, it seems to last a lot longer than other plumper's Ive used in the past.  I have never noticed any plumping action with any lip plumper,and this one was no exception. 

Tokidoki gloss in the color Burger (see the little hamburger in the cap...cute huh?!)
This is a new brand to me. I have seen some of their eye shadows in the sephora store,  but have never bought any.  This gloss was on sale so I decided to try it out.

It is a very sheer orange gloss that if worn alone only leaves a hint of color.  It feels creamy on the lips and isn't sticky on me.

The applicator is odd...its a plastic brush, no sponge, just a rounded bendable plastic. Weird!

Cliniques almost lipstick in Black Honey. This is  a popular lip product that I have had in gloss form in the past but not lipstick form.

The swatch looks like blood on my hand but in real life its a shear berry color

oh I got a nail polish too...thought it was a pretty fall color

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  1. Good loot you have! :) i have been eyeing that nars duo too. :)