Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Pink Lips With My New Favorite lipstick

Oh man, It has been a BUSY month!! Ive been moving, redoing the house I just bought and started another semester of school this month so blogging kind of went on the back burner for awhile. I'm sorry guys :( But thankfully I am able to blog a little bit. So Ill start off with a new lipstick I picked up...

The photo above is my new favorite lipstick... MAC Creme Cup!
This is a very popular MAC shade that I purchased not even knowing the name. I went to my local MAC counter a few days ago with my 6 back to MAC empties to exchange for a free lipstick. I was on a search for an everyday color and because I have been wearing so much pink lipstick lately and was running low on my lip butter I decided to get a pink one from MAC. So, 15 minutes and about 30 swatches on my arm later, I chose this pretty shade...I didn't even look to see the name until the man at the counter told me.  I'm not sure why, guess I didn't care what the name was.

In the tube it looks more nude than pink but when applied it is a baby pink.

The finish of this lipstick is a cremesheen . It is very creamy and has tons of shine to it.

This lipstick lasted about 4 hours on me before I needed to re-apply. But with that said, on days that I am drinking coffee and talking alot it last about an hour and a half.

If you have not tried any MAC lipsticks yet and what to know a good starting one, try CREME CUP! It is the perfect everyday color that looks great with just about any makeup look. I keep this shade in my purse along with about 10 other lipsticks and glosses but I always seem to grab for this one the most.


Holly :)


  1. Now you have added another MAC lipstick I need to put on my list.